hey there, Im Riley 

photographer, storyteller, friend

A portrait photographer based out of Gainesville, FL. My bags are already packed, I'm available throughout the East Coast and beyond. I have been all over, having done shoots in Tahoe California, The Bahamas and more.

Behind my lens, my heart lies with my cherished friends and family, who are the cornerstone of your life. I find solace and joy in their company, cherishing every moment spent together, whether it's exploring new locations for the perfect shot or simply sharing laughter and stories over a cozy meal. Beyond that I have found so much joy in being a summer camp counselor/photographer. I have met life long friendships through camp and feel like being a part of the staff has given me such wealth with knowledge and life skills.

my story

The Beginning of Our Friendship

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Growing up a dancer I realized that all of my dance photos were never caught at the peak of the kick or the height of the jump. So I started playing around with some dance photos at my local studio. Through my studio I started to find my passion for photography. Just as I started getting more into photography Covid-19 struck and paused everything. For me it actually kick-started my business. From senior photos to playing around with my friends in my makeshift studio I knew photography was not only a hobby but my passion. Through all that to now I am proud to say I have become an LLC and have done close to 500 shoots just since 2021 when I became official!

my philosophy 

The Heart Behind Riley Blair Photography

My approach to photography may seem conventional in some ways but is definitely different in others. I want every single one of my clients to feel like I have known them for years, aka comfortable. I feel that photography isn't just pushing a button or putting a preset on it but it's a piece of art. So I want to take that moment/experience and make it into an art piece for you. I truly want my clients to feel like I have known them for years. I want them to walk away from a shoot saying they had a blast or that it was so much easier than I expected because photos shouldn't be stressful, they should be fun and joyful.

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My Inspiration

I am truly inspired about locations and nature. I often pull off when driving to mark locations on my maps because I am drawn to flowers or a side road. I feel pulling from what is around me helps me when I am in unfamiliar places too.

The Experience

My clients can expect a relaxed and joy filled experience. I try to make sure everything is organized and all set up for them so there is no added stress. I also feel it's important that my clients have a say throughout the booking process and shoots. If you have inspiration or any requests I want to make sure I am all years so we can make this a seamless and enjoyable process.

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A Joy-Filled Experience

my approach

My heartfelt approach is for all of my clients to relish in joy starting in the planning process, during your session, and in the images I deliver. I am so incredibly thankful and happy that photography is my full-time job and with this being my job I am offering a service, so I want you to enjoy that service. Getting to meet new people and seeing how happy each person is whenever they look at a preview or gallery strives me to keep doing what I am doing.

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Your Unique Love Story Waiting To Be Captured

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